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I bought a girl

Renge chan

(Yes, this is not Ruri-chan, but Renge-chan from Non Non Biyori, but she’s almost as cute as Ruri-chan and the author doesn’t have an official artwork 😥 )

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I bought a girl Character Glossary

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Here’s the promised glossary that will be updated as we progress further in the story, it might contain spoilers so read it at your own risk.

Japanese Name Romanization (Surname – First name) Gender Relationship with MC/Role
武田正親 Takeda Masachika M protagonist
長谷川瑠璃ちゃん Hasegawa Ruri-chan F Adopted girl
Takeda’s School
天野恭子 Amano Kyouko F student/ friend/ loves Takeda
中村香恵 Nakamura Kae F student/ friend/
吉田 Yoshida M Student
田中 Tanaka M Student
秋山先生 Akiyama-sensei M Colleague teacher
高津先生 Takatsu-sensei F colleague teacher/ maybe loves Takeda?


伊藤先生 Itou-sensei M colleague teacher/

Nakamura’s homeroom teacher


Ruri-chan’s School
?? ヒロト Takahashi Hiroto M Ruri-chan’s friend
?? 玲央 Kanda Reo M Ruri-chan’s friend
酒井先生 Sakai-sensei M? Ruri-chan’s teacher
Takeda’s Family
?? 裕美 ?? Hiromi F Takeda’s mother
?? Too-san M Takeda’s father


?? An-chan M Takeda’s brother
?? Jii-chan M Takeda’s maternal grandpa
Other Characters
中尾宏太 Nakao Kota M Takeda’s friend


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I bought a girl C16

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I’m finally back from Japan and here’s a new chapter of I bought a girl. It’s the missing chapter 16 that Chronon didn’t translate and covers how Takeda introduced Ruri-chan to his parents.

In addition to that I want to announce some important things:

Name changes (corrections?): there were several names that were translated wrong and I have now changed them back to the right romanization. Also I’ll be creating a Character Glossary soon as even I, the translator, can’t remember every person of the story and what their name and their relationship with the protagonist was.

  • First Name – Surname
  • Masamune Takeda -> Masachika Takeda (98% sure that 正親 = Masachika)
  • Kaori Nakamura -> Kae Nakamura (same as above 香恵 = Kae)
  • Rei Hisashi -> Leo Kanda (Ruri-chan even mentioned Leo’s name in hiragana, so no mistake there that he’s called 玲央  = Reo; for better reading experience I’ll translate it as Leo Kanda)


I saw that Chronon already translated this chapter, but didn’t link to it properly so it got lost on his page. Therefore I thought that he didn’t translate it. Well I think in my version many questions and unclarities were solved as in my opinion he didn’t really understand a lot of the sentences in that chapter.

Here’s the link if you want to compare our versions: https://chronontranslations.wordpress.com/i-bought-a-girl-chapter-16/

Translator: Kahzel

Editor: Kahzel

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Chapter 16: The method to go back to your parents’ house


I left the old geezer’s house and went directly to my parents’ home.

Telling my mother by phone that “I’ll come home today”, I heard her replying with a happy sounding “I’ll be waiting~”.

Even though I said my parents’ home, it wasn’t that far away. You had to drive with the Metro and then transfer to the JR line and from there it was just a 30 min ride.

It might be a long journey for Ruri-chan, but as tomorrow was a holiday, I decided to let her accompany me.


“I’m back.” (Takeda)

“Ara ara, welcome home…” (Unknown female)


When I entered the house my mother came to the entrance to greet us.

Then she saw Ruri-chan and had a curious look on her face.

Well, I already expected it to turn out like that.


“Ruri-chan. This is my mother. Greet her, ok?” (Takeda)

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hasegawa Ruri.” (Ruri-chan)

“Ara thank you, you’re really polite. I’m Masachika’s mother.” (Takeda’s mother)

[TN: Chronon and Konko translated Takeda’s first name as Masamune, but I’m like 98% sure that it’s not Masamune but Masachika, so I’ll keep using Masachika from now on.]


While saying so both of them bowed their heads to each other.


“And? Who’s this child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Let’s go inside and talk about it there.” (Takeda)


Today I came here to talk about Ruri-chan. I might have been nervous as the first time I had to stand on front of pupils when I was a teacher in practice.

I went back to my parents’ house after getting the ok from the old geezer, but in the end not talking about the lottery win with my mother was something I couldn’t do.

My father was sitting in the living room when we went inside. As it was Saturday that also wasn’t a strange thing.

Like my mother he was also staring at Ruri-chan curiously, Ruri-chan tilted her head slightly and the flustered me also bowed my head down; I displayed such a sight of confusion.

Ruri-chan and I sat on a L-shaped sofa while my parents sat next to each other on a different sofa in front of us.


“Masachika. Is this perhaps your child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“I’ll tell you that in advance, but I didn’t get married nor do I have an illegimate child, you know?” (Takeda)


I tried to stop her from beginning to have some delusions.


“You surprised me there~” (Takeda’s mother)

“Your father also felt like his heart would jump out of his stomach.” (Takeda’s father)


What’s with this situation?


“I have to talk about a lot of topics, but first would be… let me see, I‘ve won the lottery.” (Takeda)

“Hee~. How much? About 10 thousand Yen?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Ah- … about 500 million Yen.” (Takeda)


[TN: 10,000 Yen is about 78 EUR/USD; 500,000,000 Yen is about 4,441,972 EUR/USD currently]


“… 500 million?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Mom. 500 million, how much is that?” (Takeda)

“Of course 500 million would be 500 million.” (Takeda’s mother)

“It’s 500 million, right? Un.” (Takeda)


They seemed like they had completely stopped thinking.

I’ll tell them about Ruri-chan right now. Now is a great time to do it easily!


“And about this child, I bought her with the money.” (Takeda)

“You bought her?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Yes. I bought her.” (Takeda)

“You can buy a human?” (Takeda’s mother)

“There was a place where you could buy one. Grandpa told me about it.” (Takeda)

“My father told you?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Father-in-law told you about it?” (Takeda’s father)


Both of them asked at the same time.

They are really married couple, right?

At that time there was the sound of someone coming down the stairs and the living room door was opened.


“Are? You returned? Welcome back.” (Unknown male)

“An-chan. I’m back.” (Takeda)


[TN: An-chan means big bro, but nobody calls his brother big bro when they’re talking to them; at least nobody that I know of, so let’s keep An-chan]


This was my big bro.

Same as before Ruri-chan exchanged greetings with my brother and I also explained everything to my brother.


“You’ve won the lottery!? Give me something too!” (Takeda’s brother)

“I won’t desu. I absolutely won’t share it.” (Takeda)

“That child, did you buy her in from an orphanage or where did you buy her from?” (Takeda’s brother)

“Well… something like that.” (Takeda)

“Hmm. You can’t really know what’s out there in the world, right?” (Takeda’s brother)

“I think so, too.” (Takeda)


As expected from my bro. Totally different from my parents who turned completely stiff from shock.


“To be honest…” (Takeda)


While my bro was worrying about what to do with Ruri-chan and I was in the middle of my explanation my parents also recovered from being shocked stiff and listened closely to our conversation.


“That’s the whole story.” (Takeda)

“That’s not a simple matter.” (Takeda’s mother)


My mother who listened to my story put both her hands together and struck her fist against her other hand with a “Pan!”.


“Isn’t it fine to make her father’s illegimate child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Okaa-san!?” (Takeda’s father)


[TN: Married couples with a child in Japan often call each other Mother or Father like in many Asian countries.]


Mom’s words startled dad. As expected of Grandpa’s daughter. Their train of thought is really similar.


“Grandpa also said the same thing. <Let’s make her my illegimate child, should we?>” (Takeda)

“Grandpa’s would be really unnatural, but if it’s our illegitimate child then it would be alright, wouldn’t it?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Alright you think? Wouldn’t it be impossible, don’t you think so?” (Takeda’s father)

“It’s not impossible, you know? Look. Even in that national-wide broadcasted family anime there’s a 24 years old daughter who has a brother who goes to the 5th grade in elementary school, you know? Isn’t that the same situation?” (Takeda’s mother)


That’s right. Now that she mentioned it there was a to a certain extent famous anime called:

Ore ni imouto ga itemo fushigidehanai.


[TN: Title translates to something like “Even if you call me imouto it’s definitely not strange”; might be a reference to Ore no imouto wa konna ni kawaii wake ga nai aka Oreimo, but if it is then it’s a really strange one, haha]


It’s not strange, but…


“But Ruri-chan and I have different surnames, you know? What do we do about that problem?” (Takeda)

“Like we already said, she would be our illegitimate child. That being the case it will be ok if the surnames are different, don’t you think so?” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Whose child do you think she will become…” (Takeda’s brother)


My older brother tsukommi’d. It’s really like that. Well not that I have a better suggestion.


“Then let’s just make her the child that I had with a different man.” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Dad has already stopped responding. No matter what you say it will be meaningless.” (Takeda)

“Look. Can’t you see, your father doesn’t say anything, so he agrees with it, you know?” (Takeda’s mother)


It’s probably not that he doesn’t want to say anything, but rather can’t say anything.

Dad’s eyes are looking at something far away. I’m sorry Dad.


“But are you ok with this Masachika?” (Takeda’s brother)

“What are you trying to tell me?” (Takeda)

“You already have the responsibility to raise this child. So isn’t it ok to make her your illegitimate child?” (Takeda’s brother)

“But the surnames are different.” (Takeda)

“You just made a woman pregnant, that woman gave birth to Ruri-chan at an unknown place and came back with an <This is your child desu> and that’s the reason you have to raise her, isn’t that background story fine?” (Takeda’s brother)

“… Ooh!” (Takeda)


I’m a little bit impressed.

If that’s the case then it won’t have a negative impact on anybody… no, perhaps I’ll be on the losing end, but I’ll just have to endure it and it will be fine. Perhaps it will be ok if we do it like that.

Even if I’m at the losing end that’s no problem at all.

Well if that story reaches the Board of Education then it will be a big problem, but it won’t get to that point, so it’s probably going to be alright.


“An-chan! As I’d expect from you, An-chan!” (Takeda)


“Yo-you’re ok with that story?” (Takeda’s brother)

“It’s perfect like this! Thanks, An-chan!” (Takeda)


Even if he said it totally randomly, I think that this story might work.


“And your mom already prepared herself mentally~” (Takeda’s mother)

“Wasn’t the one who prepared himself dad rather than you?” (Takeda)


Mom sounded pretty disappointed while dad who sat next to her felt relieved.

For the time being when someone would pursue this matter I’ll be able to deceive them with this story.

As expected of my bro, he has what a person has to have.

He’s someone I can rely on.


Authors Note:

Thanks for reading up until this point.

I’d be happy if you write down your impressions desu.

It seems like I can’t think of any excuses anymore.

And by the way “Hiromi = Mom” desu.


Look forward to the next chapter, too!


Translator’s Note:

The author is talking about having no excuses for his slow releases, I do have one though 😛

Well I slacked off the week after my Japan trip, but now I’m back with 100%, ok maybe just 98%, but nonetheless I’m back again!

So I finally managed to translate the missing chapter 16 of “I bought a girl”. This was a thing that bugged me since I began to read this story on Chronon’s page, so I feel very proud to bring you this chapter.

Next chapter will be the regular chapter 29.

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Kisei Kanojo Sana V1C1 part 3

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So nothing much happens in this chapter part, but I didn’t manage to translate more. For the reasons see here.

Translator: Kahzel

Editor: Kahzel

Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3
I was forcefully dragged along while we were running on our way to school; finally we reached the place with the traffic mirror where we were supposed to meet up with my best friend. On the other side of the roadway was an old naked guardrail which was reddish brown from the rust.
As we somehow ran out of our house pretty late, there was a person already waiting while looking bored and I called out to him.

“Haa….. we just barely made it?….. Mornin’ Jouji.” (Karato)
“Jouji-kun, mornin’!” (Sakura)

The other party who noticed that gave a bright reply.

“Oh, yo! You siblings are also really close today!” (Jouji)
“No, it’s more like immoral siblings desu.” (Sakura)
“Sakura, stop that. I couldn’t really wake up even though the goddess Amaterasu was shining into my room.” (Karato) [TN: Amaterasu is known as the goddess of the sun


This guy’s name is Jouji Miyairi. He is a male student who is in the same class as me. His height is a little bit taller than me and has some cold looking eyes which looked like two slits. Indigo blue strands could be seen in between his black hair; as the hope of the basketball club, he is popular with the girls unlike me. Even though he was our friend, he had established a position as a “popular character”.

“By the way Karato, what do you guys mean by “immoral”?” (Jouji)
[TN: Immoral is in English]

Jouji asked while laughing without any malicious intent.

“… You’re the same as always…” (Karato)

“Jouji-kun, you’re stupid as ever…” (Sakura)

Jouji was lacking some knowledge about some special vocabulary that’s why he was treated as a “stupid child”. While he was seen by the others as close to perfect, the only one who noticed his shortcomings was his junior Sakura who also attached “kun” to his name for this very reason. Well, that gap is also this guys defining point.

“Well then, won’t we hurry and go to school right now? We’ll be late otherwise.” (Karato)
“Yea!” (Jouji)
“Retsu go!” (Sakura) [TN: Very bad japenglish version of ‘Let’s go’]

Jouji fired up himself, while Sakura gave a carefree command.
Then even today we continued our silly conversations while we were walking to school.
It was an ordinary, but peaceful kind of everyday life that didn’t particularly have to change for the better.

“Come to think of it, Sakura, do you have club activities today?” (Karato)

Sakura’s cooking club had club activities twice a week after school. Therefore I had to handle my dinner somehow on days when Sakura had club activities as even my old man wasn’t at home. Well although I said that, I’m at least capable of making some instant ramen for myself.

“No, not today, I have club activities tomorrow. That’s why I’ll make Onii-chan’s dinner today, ne!” (Sakura)

Sakura fired up herself and panted heavily through her nose.

“You don’t need to force yourself that much. I have instant ramen, that’s good enough, like I already said.” (Karato)
“I’ll cook something either way, so making enough for two portions is the same as making just one portion.” (Sakura)
“Is that so?” (Karato)
“Do you have anything you want to eat?” (Sakura)

“Well then, fried instant ramen is good enough.” (Karato)
“Alright! Well I’ll give my best to fry them, crispy and crunchy, those firm noodles, so that they’ll pierce through your gums… wait, what! What’s the point in doing so! Why would you fry them! U-CAN-NOT-TAKE-THAT-BACK!” (Sakura)

As Sakura’s expressions changed like a spinning top, the place became cheerful because she followed the flow and went along with the joke.

“Well… if you always receive the same homemade cooking you will get bored of it…” (Karato)

After I said that Sakura let out a deep sigh and asked with a docile expression:

“Haah… Hey Onii-chan, one question.” (Sakura)
“Hm?” (Karato)
“You still don’t want to enter in any club? You always just go home quickly and spend your time doing nothing anyways. They’re still recruiting second-year students right now, you know?” (Sakura)

Sakura looked at me with a half worrying, half given-up expression as if she was looking at a 30 years old person who was starting to be a NEET.
[TN: Not in Employment, Education or Training = NEET]

Certainly there were times when I didn’t know what to do with my time after school, that was because I didn’t enter any kind of clubs, on the other hand I didn’t really have anything I wanted to do when I went home.

“Ooh, our basketball is also still recruiting! Why don’t we work off some sweat together?” (Jouji)

Jouji was always trying to take the opportunity to recruit new members.

“Basketball is great, ya know.” (Jouji)
“Why is that?” (Sakura)
“If you think calmly about it, why would you desperately chase after the ball and try to put it in the net? It’s that feeling that I’m talking about, ya know. What’s the meaning behind this act?” (Karato)
“Uwah, this guy hates ball games to the extreme…!” (Sakura)

Sakura quickly gave up her expectations.

“Well, well then, what about the cooking club? We don’t have any male members at the moment, but it would be a big help to have a male assistant and you could also learn how to make meals!” (Sakura)

After saying that Sakura was fidgeting around while she bashfully casted her eyes down.

“A-also… I would be able to be together with Onii-chan even more…” (Sakura)
“No, I’ll pass on that, too.” (Karato)
“Ehh, why! Why are you so apathetic!” (Sakura)
“Rather than apathetic, I just simply try to avoid group activities.” (Karato)
“Soo… if that’s the case then if it’s just the two of us it would be ok, right? Or I’ll be the link between Onii-chan and the others!” (Sakura)
“Mh, that’s also bad… No matter if it’s Jouji or Sakura; I can’t just cling onto the both of you to use you two to mingle with other people like an add-on or a parasite.” (Karato)
“Par-!?” (Sakura)

I turned down their opinions in an abrupt way.

“Isn’t doing anything at all the most comfortable option?” (Karato)

The moment that Sakura heard that, she blew up her cheeks to show her objection.
“Muu! Onii-chan you’re such a hikkikomori! Mou, I don’t know you anymore!” (Sakura)
[TN: hikkikomori = shut-in]
“Now, now, Sakura-chan, it’s because Karato is such a kind of person.” (Jouji)

Sakura got mad and Jouji tried to calm her down.

“Hahaha.” (Karato)

While laughing I turned it aside and looked up at the blue sky. The clouds above my head were drifting across the sky very fast.

This is a world which is completely in harmony. Even if I didn’t exist the planet would continue to rotate. So it would be ok even if I didn’t participate in that world at all.
Thus another day in a peaceful world would pass by today.

“Onii-chan! What’s wrong? Let’s goo~?” (Sakura)

Before I knew it I seemed to have stopped walking and Sakura called out to me from a distance.

“N.” (Karato)

And then I started to walk towards Sakura and Jouji again.
Somehow my lower abdomen also started to ache with a dull pain.


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I bought a girl C28

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Surprise, surprise. Another sneaky Ninja chapter of I bought a girl.

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TL: Konko

ED: Kahzel

Chapter 28: The method of knowing the meaning of your name


“Homework?” (Masamune)

“Yes.” (Ruri)


After returning home, Ruri-chan asked me this question:

“Why do you think my name is ‘Ruri’?” (Ruri)


“Ruri-chan, do you know the person who gave you your name?” (Masamune)

“………” (Ruri)


Ruri-chan’s lips remained closed so it seemed that she didn’t intend to answer. Or was it because she didn’t know the answer?

Regardless of the situation, I didn’t know the answer either.

I scratched my head.


“Hmm… I give up.” (Masamune)

“Pa…”  (Ruri)

“Pa?” (Masamune)

“Pa, papa gave me the name.”(Ruri)


Ruri-chan showed a slightly bitter expression while saying that.

I believe that she mustered up a huge amount of courage in order to tell me that.


“I see. It’s your father.” (Masamune)


When I patted Ruri-chan’s head she wondered why I was patting her head.

I didn’t know anything about Ruri-chan’s past.

I only knew a limited amount about the circumstances surrounding Ruri-chan. When I looked at Ruri-chan’s situation from what I know, although everybody would be afraid of “being a slave”, I had the feeling that something that happened way in the past was the reason of Ruri-chan’s behaviour.

Probably something happened when Ruri-chan was living with her parents that made her this way.

That was what I was beginning to think. Also, could Ruri-chan really remember that? Seeing that Ruri-chan didn’t intend to talk about it, I also didn’t have the intention to ask her about it.

Well, we are human so it’s normal to be a bit curious, but I didn’t intend to inquire more about that for now. But concerning that name I couldn’t really say that much about it, this was the undeniable truth.


“Well then, Ruri-chan. Shall we think about it together?” (Masamune)

“Eh?” (Ruri)

“I mean the meaning behind your name, Ruri-chan” (Masamune)


That’s right. All we have to do is to think about it if we do not know the answer.

A certain someone once told me this.


“If something is not there, all you have to do is to make it yourself”


Since we do not know the meaning behind her name, we just have to think of the meaning ourselves. If we still do not know even after all that, then, from here on, we will create the meaning of her name by ourselves.

If we do not move forward, Ruri-chan would always remain stuck in the past. (T.L I edited the sentence as a direct translation from Japanese doesn’t sound good)


“First and foremost, are you able to write your own name?” (Masamune)


Ruri-chan shook her head lightly.

That is to be expected. I was also unable to write her name at the very beginning.

To use such difficult characters, it would make children cry. It might even make some adult cry. (T.L Ruri =瑠璃. Even as a native Chinese, I have some difficulties writing such characters so I could understand him; ED: Had to zoom in to be able to write them, haha)


“Originally the word Ruri comes from the name of a gem called Lapis Lazuli” (Masamune)

“Lapis Lazuli…” (Ruri)

“Blue colour, ne. Even if I say that, it could also be connected to the name of an animal, or something completely unrelated to the colours. But as expected, when talking about ‘Ruri’, it is famous for its association with the colour blue, as it is used in many cases linking to its appearance.” (Masamune)

“Blue…” (Ruri)

“In Ruri-chan’s case however, based on the fact that your eyes are not blue, I believe that your name is not connected with your appearance.” (Masamune)


It seems that the name [Ruri] is not given to express the colour of her appearance. Both her eyes and hair are pitch black after all.

What is the meaning then?


“…As expected, giving you the name Ruri they certainly had a strong feeling of wanting you to grow up into a pretty girl?” (Masamune)


That was quite a simple train of thought, but that was the most fitting thing that came into my mind.

There is also a chance that her name came from some important memories, but I would not be able to know about that.

It’s not that I was trying to give up that fast, but I honestly could not think of any other reasons beside the one I mentioned.

As I looked at Ruri-chan, she showed a surprised expression.


“What’s wrong?” (Masamune)

“Will I grow up to be as pretty as a Ruri?” (Ruri) (T.L Ruri is using hiragana for the word [るり= Ruri] instead of kanji [瑠璃=Ruri] in this scenario, so I tried to differentiate by using Ruri when Ruri-chan is speaking of the gem but not using the Kanji)


This time I was the one who got surprised.

I did not expect such words coming from Ruri-chan.


“I will make sure that Ruri-chan will grow up to be a girl as pretty as a Lapis Lazuli.”(Masamune)

“Even as much as a Ruri?” (Ruri) (T.L The ‘Ruri’ that Ruri-chan is referring to is Lapis Lazuli)

“Of course. Such a cute girl like Ruri-chan will definitely grow up to become as splendid as a Lapis Lazuli” (Masamune)


Ruri-chan smiled like she was happy about that.

She seemed to be embarrassed. Kawaii.


“Is it alright for me to write this down?” (Ruri)

“Are you alright with this reason? We could spend more time to think over it, you know?” (Masamune)

“This is good desu.” (Ruri)

“If Ruri-chan says so then it’s alright.” (Masamune)

“Thank you very much.” (Ruri)


After saying that, Ruri-chan looked kind of happy.

…I see.

For Ruri-chan, it seemed that instead of understanding the meaning behind her name, she felt happier about what I told her. That was what I thought.

I felt that it would be better not to talk about unnecessary things right now after seeing Ruri-chan happily writing down what I told her on a notebook.

Looking at the current Ruri-chan, I felt super happy for some reason.


The next day, Ruri-chan presented this meaning of her name at school and got praised by Sakai-sensei.




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I bought a girl C27

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Chapter 27: The method to do a parent-teacher conference


6:00 p.m.

I went to the elementary school that Ruri-chan attends. In a classroom where student counselling room was written on the door, I sat facing Sakai-sensei. Next to me was Ruri-chan.

Two weeks ago there was a parent-teacher conference, but because of my circumstances our talk was postponed till today.


“I’m sorry, Sakai-sensei.” (Takeda)

“It’s alright desuyo~. Takeda-san also has to work. Elementary school and high school might not be exactly the same, but as we both are teachers this much is not a problem desuyo~” (Sakai)

“Thank you very much.” (Takeda)

“Well then, as we have time now, let’s begin our talk.” (Sakai)


Without delay our parent-teacher conference began.


“First of all let me tell you about Ruri-chan’s circumstances in the school. Ruri-chan’s friends are Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun, it seems like they’re often playing together.” (Sakai)

“That Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun, what kind of children are they?” (Takeda)

“They’re both good children desuyo. Leo-kun is a calm and composed child compared to the others, Hiroto-kun is popular with everyone and a lively and bright child desuyo~.” (Sakai)

“They’re both completely different type of children, right?” (Takeda)

“Fufufu.” (Sakai)

“What’s wrong?” (Takeda)

“No, it’s nothing. You looked super worried. Your face looks frightening desuyo.” (Sakai)

“Eh” (Takeda)


As I was told so laughingly I paid attention to my face and returned to my normal expression.


“You’re already completely Ruri-chan’s father desune?” (Sakai)

“What father.” (Takeda)


As I said so Ruri-chan tugged my sleeves tightly. Does that mean that she really thinks of me as her father?

That makes me happy. Really happy.


“But it seems like through the assistance of these two that Ruri-chan was able to adapt to her surroundings; I think she gained a lot because of that.” (Sakai)

“But I’m…” (Takeda)

“That’s what I believe desuyo. Isn’t it the most important thing in this phase for a child to learn how human relationships work? Well, of course you have to learn while you still have compulsory education. Even so I think that it’s important to get along with various children. Because Ruri-chan will be influenced by various children, I think it’s also important to watch over her as an adult.” (Sakai)

“… It’s surely like that, isn’t it?” (Takeda)


I totally agree to Sakai-sensei’s words. At this age girls don’t think about love yet. If you think about it that Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun don’t have such an impure motive to be together with her. Because my own students have such a terrible personality under the surface I thought so negatively about everybody, but there are many different people in the world after all.


“Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun are good children.” (Sakai) [TN: She really says that in Hiragana, so his name is really Leo or Reo; but Leo sounds better, so I’ll keep Leo]


Ruri-chan pulled my sleeves lightly and looked at me with anxiety.


“Un. I’m sorry. I was wrong.” (Takeda)

“Is it ok for me to be friends with them in the future?” (Ruri-chan)


Wai-, don’t look at me with such a sad face, somehow it looks like I did a super bad thing; you did nothing wrong Ruri-chan, you know, noo, wai-, don’t look like that! It somehow got really embarrassing!

I thought so, but put out a determined face and replied calmly:


“Of course.” (Takeda)


Then Ruri-chan began to smile. Sakai-sensei who saw that also smiled.


“When I see how you two look, it seems like the situation at home also seems to be satisfactory.” (Sakai)

“Ah, yes.” (Takeda)

“I’m sorry for taking that much time, so let’s keep it short; is there anything else that troubles you?” (Sakai)

“Nothing particularly. Well, if I said so then it would be a lie, after all there are times when I come home late, so I’m a bit worried on these days. The world is a dangerous place after all.” (Takeda)

“Ah well, it’s like that, desuyone. Did you think about an after-school care club in these cases?” (Sakai)

“I already thought about that, but even so don’t they close at a certain time? All of them close at roughly 6 o’clock. So if I don’t return at that time, I still have the same problem as before.” (Takeda)

“What do you do when you suddenly have to stay longer?” (Sakai)

“I troubled my students to look after her.” (Takeda)

“Your students…?” (Sakai)


Damn! I just said that without thinking! I already thought of depending on Amano and Nakamura as a totally common thing. If you think about it normally, it’s really strange to depend on your students, right?


“No, well… I already became used to depend on them so I unintentionally took it as a given thing.” (Takeda)

“You have a really good relationship with your students, desune~.” (Sakai)

“Well, that’s right.” (Takeda)


Oh? She didn’t really inquire much more about this. I’m really saved.


“But you mustn’t trouble your students, you know?” (Sakai)

“Of course desu.” (Takeda)

“Even though I like to look after Ruri-chan, if I’m too intimate with specific students the other students parents’ will talk about that behind my back, so I can’t really do that.” (Sakai)

“No, no. It’s enough that you took it into consideration.” (Takeda)

“Is that so? Yes. The family’s situation is satisfactory, too. There are no big problems in school either. On this note let’s simply end this talk, I think. Thank you very much for coming here even though you were so busy.” (Sakai)

“I have to thank you for staying this late.” (Takeda)


With us both bowing our heads to each other, the parent-teacher conference came to an end.


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I bought a girl C26

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Next chapter of “I bought a girl” out whoohoo. Have fun reading! No edit of Konko today as I rushed the release, because it is already more delayed than I had planned. It shouldn’t be too bad though, I did proofread a few times, but it’s already 2 a.m. But do tell me in the comments below if you find some terms strange or if you find some better fitting expressions.

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Renge chan

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Chapter 26: The method to retaliate against a temptation

“Somehow your vibe changed recently, Takeda-sensei.” (Takatsu)

“Eh, is that so?” (Takeda)


Takatsu-sensei began to talk while I prepared my next lesson in the staff room.


“Did something good happen to you?” (Takatsu)

“Something good…” (Takeda)


When I think about it rather than something good, did I change because Ruri-chan began to live with me? Takatsu-sensei put her hand on my shoulder in a nonchalant manner. I feel that recently the thoughtless skinship has somehow increased. Maybe she is really aiming for me? Maybe, maybe she knows that I’ve won in a lottery? Well, she doesn’t look like she’s suspecting something. Takatsu-sensei is pretty sharp but sometimes dull too.


“Well, I’m looking after a relative’s child, that’s why my environment has changed.” (Takeda)

“It’s the child you talked about with Akiyama-sensei, right?” (Takatsu)

“Did you listen to our conversation?” (Takeda)

“I did.” (Takatsu)


Hmm, I didn’t even have the intention to talk that loudly. Next time I had to make sure that I would suppress my voice when I was speaking.


“Is she cute?” (Takatsu)

“Well, how could she not be cute.” (Takeda)

“Aww, I want to see her too~.” (Takatsu)

“Ahahaha-” (Takeda)


I’m troubled because such situations sometimes popped up. Most of the times I deceived everybody while smiling, but from now on this will be more and more troublesome.


“Well then, I’ll get going now.”


When I stood up the hand that was on my shoulder naturally separated. Facing such a proactive woman wasn’t my strength. The reason is because I don’t know how to deal with them properly.


“Takeda-sensei~” (Takatsu)

“Yes?” (Takeda)

“Can you spare me some time after school today?” (Takatsu)


A slightly nervous voice asked.


“I’m sorry, but the girl we talked about before is waiting for me, so I have to go home early.” (Takeda)

“Is that so…” (Takatsu)


Takatsu-sensei drooped her shoulders without hiding it and let out a deep sigh. I felt a bit sorry for her, but for Ruri-chan’s sake I wanted to go home as soon as possible. Therefore I had already postponed my promise with Akiyama-sensei several times.


“I’m sorry.” (Takeda)

“No. It’s alright. Please don’t worry about it.” (Takatsu)


When I went out of the staff room Akiyama-sensei also walked out of it at the same time. Then he hit my bottom with a loud smack.


“This lucky guy!” (Akiyama)

“It hurts.” (Takeda)

“Share a bit of that happiness with me!” (Akiyama)


What he meant (hook me up with Takatsu-sensei).

Because I was careless he ended up hearing it.


“Even though I like her, she doesn’t love me, you know.” (Takeda)

“I got it, I got it. Well, give your best, mate.” (Akiyama)

“Akiyama-sensei, you too.” (Takeda)

“Righto~” (Akiyama)


Haah. If I had to mention the most difficult thing in school life it would be human relationships, whether as a student or even as I became a teacher that fact didn’t change.


“Ouh. Ain’t that Takeda.” (Nakamura)

“Nakamura… I mean, did you just get here?” (Takeda)

“Un.” (Nakamura)

“It’s already the 3rd period. Are you fine with these absences?” (Takeda)

“Still fine. Probably” (Nakamura)

“Probably, eh…” (Takeda)

“More importantly, when are you going to tell me?” (Nakamura)

“Ah… See you next time, ok?” (Takeda)

“Adults are always like this, right. Well, it’s alright. Be careful not to make children lose their trust in you.” (Nakamura)

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” (Takeda)

“Yes, yes. See ya~.” (Nakamura)


The problem child left while waving her hand.

So that’s what he meant.

Now I can understand the homeroom teacher Itou-sensei who was unable to cope with her.


Author’s note [TN: as always the real author, not me]:

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