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After a lot of thinking I decided to pick up this series. This will be a joint project between Konko and me, for now I’ll be translating the chapters and Konko will be editing them. If he has time, then he’ll also translate some chapters to speed up the releases. The translation pace will be like Kisei Kanojo Sana on my end; so that means about 1 chapter per week. Also I noticed some aggregator sites automatically copying content that was posted on novelupdates, especially a vietnamese site, so this here is for you: Địt mẹ mày, cái thằng bố mày là anh của mẹ mày!


TL: Kahzel

ED: Konko

Chapter 25: The method to handle 2 wives


8:00 p.m.

Because I was talking with Itou-sensei about how he could handle Nakamura, we ended up talking about that subject in the staff meeting too and so it ended slightly later than estimated. Why would you have to speak about such a thing on this day? Itou-sensei had such a bad timing. Even though I rushed home as fast as possible, it was already 8:30 pm when I arrived at my house.


“I’m home” (Takeda)


When I opened the door and entered into my house, a delicious aroma drifted into my nose. I took off my shoes while I was being careful not to step on the two pairs of loafers that were next to the entrance.


“Ah! Welcome back!” (Amano)

“W-welcome…” (Nakamura)


A bright voice and a kind of sleepy voice greeted me. I heard footsteps of someone scurrying over and Amano dressed in a blue-chequered apron rushed out from somewhere.


“Amano, did I have such an apron in my house?” (Takeda)

“I bought it~” (Amano)

“Just for today?” (Takeda)

“Even if I look like this I can cook, you know? Don’t you think that I would be a good bride candidate?” (Amano)

“Kyoko. Won’t you do that thing?” (Nakamura)


Nakamura’s voice could be heard from inside the house and Amano suddenly seemed like she remembered something and began to fidget around.


“What do you mean by that thing?” (Takeda)

“Welcome back.” (Amano)

“Huh? I’m back…” (Takeda)

“You came back quite late today ne~.” (Amano) [E.D.: I just like to keep those ne~ or desu~. My personal taste haha; TN: Ok, let’s keep it like that >.<]

“Well I had a staff meeting… wait, what’s with that” (Takeda)

“What would you like to do first? Would you like a bath? Or would you like dinner? Or do you want m. – e. – me?” [TN: wa-ta-shi, can’t really translate this with the same feeling, maybe m-y-s-e-l-f?]


There was someone lying wriggling on the floor with and letting out an “Ufun” without any sex appeal. I ignored Nakamura who was lying on the floor while laughing, stepped over her body and went into the room.


“Takeda! Why did you ignore me!” (Amano)

“I’m tired from the staff meeting.” (Takeda)

“That’s how it will feel when the relationship between a married couple starts to cool down, right.” (Nakamura)

“That’s right! To lead a bright life as a married couple, the best shortcut is to even accompany your partner when they’re goofing around like this!” (Amano)

“Don’t know.” (Takeda)


Amano puffed up her cheeks with “puun” after I just randomly reacted to her remark while I was apologizing to Ruri-chan who was learning on the table.


“Ruri-chan, I’m sorry. I totally forgot that I had a staff meeting today.” (Takeda)

“It’s alright, desu.” (Ruri)

“I looked after her properly, though.” (Nakamura)

“Ehem. Even confronted with a sudden request you could properly rely on me, I’m super devoted, right?” (Amano)

“Thanks a lot.” (Takeda)


As I expressed my gratitude not only Amano but even Nakamura was smiling embarrassedly.


“Ah, right, right! Do you want to eat dinner now?” (Amano)

“Did you make the dinner, Amano?” (Takeda)

“Of course. As a bride candidate how could I not know how to cook?” (Amano)


While Amano was saying so she looked at Nakamura, but her friend avoided her gaze. Nakamura can’t cook? Well, it’s just as I expected.

Amano brought a rather deep plate full of curry and put it on the table. The rice was piled up in a bowl.


“I kept you all waiting~. For today’s dinner, we have a dish made up of canned tomato that is boiled together with vegetables~.” (Amano)

“Wouldn’t it sound better to just call it a tomato and vegetables stew?” (Takeda)

“It is good~. As the person who made that dish, I’ll decide the best name for the dish~. I’m the cook after all.” (Amano)

“Yes, yes. Well then, let’s eat.” (Takeda)

“Yes. Just help yourself.” (Amano)


The cabbage, pork, carrot, onion and soybeans which had absorbed the tomato flavour, were really delicious.


“Oh. It’s unexpectedly delicious.” (Takeda)

“I think the “unexpectedly” was totally unnecessary.” (Amano)

“If it’s like this nobody would be embarrassed to introduce you as their wife.” (Takeda)

“I wouldn’t mind becoming Takeda’s wife, though.” (Amano)

“Ruri-chan, have you already eaten this?” (Takeda)

“I’ve already eaten this properly. It was delicious.” (Ruri)


Nakamura patted Ruri-chan’s head. Ruri-chan seemed to be pretty used to these two already, seeing that she didn’t dislike it.


“You really saved me today.” (Takeda)

“If it’s just this, then you can rely on me any time! I’ll do anything to be useful for you, Takeda!” (Amano)

“Right, right. It’s more interesting than school lessons.” (Nakamura)

“Nakamura, attend the classes properly.” (Takeda)

“Don’t pretend to be a teacher at this time. It’s lame~.” (Nakamura) [TN: Thanks for the heads up, Konko-san]


Nakamura said so looking bothered from the bottom of her heart. Rather than pretending to be a teacher, I am really a teacher, though. After eating up all of Amano’s handmade food, I put the tableware down and stood up.


“Aah! Takeda, please remain seated! I’ll clean up everything!” (Amano)

“No, but.” (Takeda)

“Kyoko has fun pretending to be a bride, so just let her do it.” (Nakamura)

“It’s not ‘pretending’ it’s ‘practising’, you know. Because in the future I’ll become Takeda Kyoko.” (Amano) [E.D: Her surname will be changed to Takeda Kyoko after marrying Takeda I guess?]

“Right, right” (Nakamura)

“Right, right” (Takeda)

“Uwah! Both of you are reacting in sync. If it becomes like this then I’ll get along with Ruri-chan instead!” (Amano)


After saying so Amano tried to hug Ruri-chan, but Ruri-chan also ran away with an amazing speed and hid herself behind my back. It seems like she’s still couldn’t deal with Amano.


“Even Ruri-chan…” (Amano)

“Well, give your best. I’ll be rooting for you.” (Nakamura)

“Kae…” (Amano) [TN: Is Nakamura’s given name really Kae? I can’t remember it, haha]


Nakamura embraced Amano to cheer her up and Amano began to cry fake tears. Her friend played her role in that comedy sketch and patted Amano’s head to comfort her. Even though it’s these two girls, the fact that they helped me out greatly didn’t change. And that Amano’s food was delicious is also the truth. I have to give them a reward somehow next time.


“Right, right. Takeda, don’t forget the promise, ok?” (Nakamura)

“Oh…” (Takeda)


I wanted to forget that. Nakamura-san. I’m seriously scared desu.



[Author’s note (TN: really the author, not me):

Thank you very much for reading up to this point. It’s ok to write your feelings down, you know? Everybody, who of the two wives do you love? I want to be pampered. Look forward for the next chapter!]



TN: So this was my first translated chapter of ‘I bought a girl’. I’ll thank you too for reading our translation up to this point. >.<

I also want to thank Konko for his super fast editing work, give him a round of applause!

-pachi, pachi, pachi-

You can also write down your thoughts and feelings. This time there wasn’t much action of Ruri-chan, but more cute chapters will definitely come. Amano was really aggressive in this chapter, haha.

How do you feel about me tagging the person who’s speaking? Do you want me to remove it? Comment down your thoughts about this~

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  2. Thanks for the translation! I’m glad someone picked this up.

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