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Next chapter of “I bought a girl” out whoohoo. Have fun reading! No edit of Konko today as I rushed the release, because it is already more delayed than I had planned. It shouldn’t be too bad though, I did proofread a few times, but it’s already 2 a.m. But do tell me in the comments below if you find some terms strange or if you find some better fitting expressions.

On another note I added a picture of Renge-chan from Non Non Biyori as the cover picture at the Table of Contents. I hope you’re not mad at me for this. The author unfortunately doesn’t have any official artwork of Ruri-chan or any other character. Do you guys want to make an artwork contest? Write down your opinion below, especially if you’re one of these talented people. I’d want to see how the skilled artists among you guys imagine how Ruri-chan looks like. 😀 Sorry for being not so sorry in the meantime, Renge-chan is pretty cute too. 😛

Renge chan

TL: Kahzel

ED: Kahzel

Chapter 26: The method to retaliate against a temptation

“Somehow your vibe changed recently, Takeda-sensei.” (Takatsu)

“Eh, is that so?” (Takeda)


Takatsu-sensei began to talk while I prepared my next lesson in the staff room.


“Did something good happen to you?” (Takatsu)

“Something good…” (Takeda)


When I think about it rather than something good, did I change because Ruri-chan began to live with me? Takatsu-sensei put her hand on my shoulder in a nonchalant manner. I feel that recently the thoughtless skinship has somehow increased. Maybe she is really aiming for me? Maybe, maybe she knows that I’ve won in a lottery? Well, she doesn’t look like she’s suspecting something. Takatsu-sensei is pretty sharp but sometimes dull too.


“Well, I’m looking after a relative’s child, that’s why my environment has changed.” (Takeda)

“It’s the child you talked about with Akiyama-sensei, right?” (Takatsu)

“Did you listen to our conversation?” (Takeda)

“I did.” (Takatsu)


Hmm, I didn’t even have the intention to talk that loudly. Next time I had to make sure that I would suppress my voice when I was speaking.


“Is she cute?” (Takatsu)

“Well, how could she not be cute.” (Takeda)

“Aww, I want to see her too~.” (Takatsu)

“Ahahaha-” (Takeda)


I’m troubled because such situations sometimes popped up. Most of the times I deceived everybody while smiling, but from now on this will be more and more troublesome.


“Well then, I’ll get going now.”


When I stood up the hand that was on my shoulder naturally separated. Facing such a proactive woman wasn’t my strength. The reason is because I don’t know how to deal with them properly.


“Takeda-sensei~” (Takatsu)

“Yes?” (Takeda)

“Can you spare me some time after school today?” (Takatsu)


A slightly nervous voice asked.


“I’m sorry, but the girl we talked about before is waiting for me, so I have to go home early.” (Takeda)

“Is that so…” (Takatsu)


Takatsu-sensei drooped her shoulders without hiding it and let out a deep sigh. I felt a bit sorry for her, but for Ruri-chan’s sake I wanted to go home as soon as possible. Therefore I had already postponed my promise with Akiyama-sensei several times.


“I’m sorry.” (Takeda)

“No. It’s alright. Please don’t worry about it.” (Takatsu)


When I went out of the staff room Akiyama-sensei also walked out of it at the same time. Then he hit my bottom with a loud smack.


“This lucky guy!” (Akiyama)

“It hurts.” (Takeda)

“Share a bit of that happiness with me!” (Akiyama)


What he meant (hook me up with Takatsu-sensei).

Because I was careless he ended up hearing it.


“Even though I like her, she doesn’t love me, you know.” (Takeda)

“I got it, I got it. Well, give your best, mate.” (Akiyama)

“Akiyama-sensei, you too.” (Takeda)

“Righto~” (Akiyama)


Haah. If I had to mention the most difficult thing in school life it would be human relationships, whether as a student or even as I became a teacher that fact didn’t change.


“Ouh. Ain’t that Takeda.” (Nakamura)

“Nakamura… I mean, did you just get here?” (Takeda)

“Un.” (Nakamura)

“It’s already the 3rd period. Are you fine with these absences?” (Takeda)

“Still fine. Probably” (Nakamura)

“Probably, eh…” (Takeda)

“More importantly, when are you going to tell me?” (Nakamura)

“Ah… See you next time, ok?” (Takeda)

“Adults are always like this, right. Well, it’s alright. Be careful not to make children lose their trust in you.” (Nakamura)

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” (Takeda)

“Yes, yes. See ya~.” (Nakamura)


The problem child left while waving her hand.

So that’s what he meant.

Now I can understand the homeroom teacher Itou-sensei who was unable to cope with her.


Author’s note [TN: as always the real author, not me]:

Thanks for reading until this point.

I’ll be happy if you write down your impressions below desu.

I’m sorry that it was so short.

It looks a bit like I ran out of stuff to write about.

Look forward to next time too!

TN: Well this was really short. Just 500 words. And no Ruri-chan. So sad. Maybe I’ll translate another chapter tomorrow, too. (Ok, it’s already 2 a.m. so basically today in a few hours) Here’s a kawaii potato for you as a compensation:

kawaii potato

Write down your thoughts and comments below as usual. 😀

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13 thoughts on “I bought a girl C26

  1. Fun fact: Actually I thought at the beginning that Takeda had some gay relationship going on (no offense against homosexual people though), as Japanese language doesn’t have gender specific pronouns and actually rarely use or don’t use them at all.
    So I translated everything as he, him and his until the part when Takeda said that he’s not good with women. XD
    Damn son! XD


  2. .    ∧__∧ Thanks!!
      /⌒ (`・ω・) Nepu!!
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  3. Thank u always for ur great work…

    A little typo?
    you know.” (Takeda) >>> (Akiyama)
    mate.” (Akiyama) >>> (Takeda)
    you too.” (Takeda) >>> (Akiyama)
    “Righto~” (Akiyama) >>> (Takeda)
    Shouldn’t it like that???
    I got a little confused in here…


      1. At first it is:
        “Even though I like her, she doesn’t love me, you know.” (Takeda)
        didn’t the one that like Takatsu is Akiyama but Akiyama didn’t like him?
        Cz at first she looks like try to hit Takeda…
        Hmm, I got more confused…


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