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Here’s your promised additional chapter as the last one was pitifully short and there was no Ruri-chan… I have to warn you though that reading this chapter is at your own risk. It is not edited by Konko (yet) and I translated it while I was drunk; I already had a few beer while I was sitting outside with friends (such nice weather, thank god) and also continued to drink while translating. XD


Munich doesn’t have the biggest beer festival just for show, right? Best thing to have at 28° C is a cold beer after all. 😉

I did proofread a few times though!

Also on another note there is one name that Chronon seems to have translated wrong. Ruri-chan’s friend’s name in elementary school who was translated as Hisashi Rei, is actually read as Kanda Reo or Leo as you don’t really differentiate between “R” and “L” in Japanese. I don’t know why Chronon translated it like that, as Ruri-chan did introduce them in Hiragana and not with their Kanjis, but oh well whatever.

I’ll translate his name as Kanda Leo from now on, as Reo sounds awkward when we have a better sounding alternative which is right too.

Enough the blabbering, here’s the second chapter for today. Yes it’s still 11:30 p.m. here! 😛

TL: Kahzel

ED: Drunkzel

Chapter 27: The method to do a parent-teacher conference


6:00 p.m.

I went to the elementary school that Ruri-chan attends. In a classroom where student counselling room was written on the door, I sat facing Sakai-sensei. Next to me was Ruri-chan.

Two weeks ago there was a parent-teacher conference, but because of my circumstances our talk was postponed till today.


“I’m sorry, Sakai-sensei.” (Takeda)

“It’s alright desuyo~. Takeda-san also has to work. Elementary school and high school might not be exactly the same, but as we both are teachers this much is not a problem desuyo~” (Sakai)

“Thank you very much.” (Takeda)

“Well then, as we have time now, let’s begin our talk.” (Sakai)


Without delay our parent-teacher conference began.


“First of all let me tell you about Ruri-chan’s circumstances in the school. Ruri-chan’s friends are Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun, it seems like they’re often playing together.” (Sakai)

“That Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun, what kind of children are they?” (Takeda)

“They’re both good children desuyo. Leo-kun is a calm and composed child compared to the others, Hiroto-kun is popular with everyone and a lively and bright child desuyo~.” (Sakai)

“They’re both completely different type of children, right?” (Takeda)

“Fufufu.” (Sakai)

“What’s wrong?” (Takeda)

“No, it’s nothing. You looked super worried. Your face looks frightening desuyo.” (Sakai)

“Eh” (Takeda)


As I was told so laughingly I paid attention to my face and returned to my normal expression.


“You’re already completely Ruri-chan’s father desune?” (Sakai)

“What father.” (Takeda)


As I said so Ruri-chan tugged my sleeves tightly. Does that mean that she really thinks of me as her father?

That makes me happy. Really happy.


“But it seems like through the assistance of these two that Ruri-chan was able to adapt to her surroundings; I think she gained a lot because of that.” (Sakai)

“But I’m…” (Takeda)

“That’s what I believe desuyo. Isn’t it the most important thing in this phase for a child to learn how human relationships work? Well, of course you have to learn while you still have compulsory education. Even so I think that it’s important to get along with various children. Because Ruri-chan will be influenced by various children, I think it’s also important to watch over her as an adult.” (Sakai)

“… It’s surely like that, isn’t it?” (Takeda)


I totally agree to Sakai-sensei’s words. At this age girls don’t think about love yet. If you think about it that Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun don’t have such an impure motive to be together with her. Because my own students have such a terrible personality under the surface I thought so negatively about everybody, but there are many different people in the world after all.


“Leo-kun and Hiroto-kun are good children.” (Sakai) [TN: She really says that in Hiragana, so his name is really Leo or Reo; but Leo sounds better, so I’ll keep Leo]


Ruri-chan pulled my sleeves lightly and looked at me with anxiety.


“Un. I’m sorry. I was wrong.” (Takeda)

“Is it ok for me to be friends with them in the future?” (Ruri-chan)


Wai-, don’t look at me with such a sad face, somehow it looks like I did a super bad thing; you did nothing wrong Ruri-chan, you know, noo, wai-, don’t look like that! It somehow got really embarrassing!

I thought so, but put out a determined face and replied calmly:


“Of course.” (Takeda)


Then Ruri-chan began to smile. Sakai-sensei who saw that also smiled.


“When I see how you two look, it seems like the situation at home also seems to be satisfactory.” (Sakai)

“Ah, yes.” (Takeda)

“I’m sorry for taking that much time, so let’s keep it short; is there anything else that troubles you?” (Sakai)

“Nothing particularly. Well, if I said so then it would be a lie, after all there are times when I come home late, so I’m a bit worried on these days. The world is a dangerous place after all.” (Takeda)

“Ah well, it’s like that, desuyone. Did you think about an after-school care club in these cases?” (Sakai)

“I already thought about that, but even so don’t they close at a certain time? All of them close at roughly 6 o’clock. So if I don’t return at that time, I still have the same problem as before.” (Takeda)

“What do you do when you suddenly have to stay longer?” (Sakai)

“I troubled my students to look after her.” (Takeda)

“Your students…?” (Sakai)


Damn! I just said that without thinking! I already thought of depending on Amano and Nakamura as a totally common thing. If you think about it normally, it’s really strange to depend on your students, right?


“No, well… I already became used to depend on them so I unintentionally took it as a given thing.” (Takeda)

“You have a really good relationship with your students, desune~.” (Sakai)

“Well, that’s right.” (Takeda)


Oh? She didn’t really inquire much more about this. I’m really saved.


“But you mustn’t trouble your students, you know?” (Sakai)

“Of course desu.” (Takeda)

“Even though I like to look after Ruri-chan, if I’m too intimate with specific students the other students parents’ will talk about that behind my back, so I can’t really do that.” (Sakai)

“No, no. It’s enough that you took it into consideration.” (Takeda)

“Is that so? Yes. The family’s situation is satisfactory, too. There are no big problems in school either. On this note let’s simply end this talk, I think. Thank you very much for coming here even though you were so busy.” (Sakai)

“I have to thank you for staying this late.” (Takeda)


With us both bowing our heads to each other, the parent-teacher conference came to an end.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading up to this point.

I’d be happy if you wrote down your impressions desu.

I’ll make up for it that there was no update yesterday.

I’m sorry.

My excuse is that I had to do an activity report.

Please simmer me, bake me, smoke me and scoop me up (A certain murderer’s words).

I’ll be in your care from now on, too.

Look forward to next time, too~!


TN: Well this chapter was slightly longer and a bit more of Ruri-chan, but still not that much. 1000+ words, so twice as much as the last chapter. Write down your comments and thoughts below as usual~

Also tell me if there are some mistakes in there. Some more might have slipped through because of… you know, circumstances. 😛

Still I’ll keep my promises (even though I cannot guarantee the quality). 😉

Here’s another Kawaii Nekotato as compensation:

Kawaii Potato neko version

Till next week I guess?

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      1. Hahaha, well I guess everybody has their own preference. I think people who talk like that are as much annoying as people who always say “you know“ every second sentence. XD
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