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Surprise, surprise. Another sneaky Ninja chapter of I bought a girl.

Give a round of applause to Konko for making this possible! He translated almost the complete chapter. :3

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TL: Konko

ED: Kahzel

Chapter 28: The method of knowing the meaning of your name


“Homework?” (Masamune)

“Yes.” (Ruri)


After returning home, Ruri-chan asked me this question:

“Why do you think my name is ‘Ruri’?” (Ruri)


“Ruri-chan, do you know the person who gave you your name?” (Masamune)

“………” (Ruri)


Ruri-chan’s lips remained closed so it seemed that she didn’t intend to answer. Or was it because she didn’t know the answer?

Regardless of the situation, I didn’t know the answer either.

I scratched my head.


“Hmm… I give up.” (Masamune)

“Pa…”  (Ruri)

“Pa?” (Masamune)

“Pa, papa gave me the name.”(Ruri)


Ruri-chan showed a slightly bitter expression while saying that.

I believe that she mustered up a huge amount of courage in order to tell me that.


“I see. It’s your father.” (Masamune)


When I patted Ruri-chan’s head she wondered why I was patting her head.

I didn’t know anything about Ruri-chan’s past.

I only knew a limited amount about the circumstances surrounding Ruri-chan. When I looked at Ruri-chan’s situation from what I know, although everybody would be afraid of “being a slave”, I had the feeling that something that happened way in the past was the reason of Ruri-chan’s behaviour.

Probably something happened when Ruri-chan was living with her parents that made her this way.

That was what I was beginning to think. Also, could Ruri-chan really remember that? Seeing that Ruri-chan didn’t intend to talk about it, I also didn’t have the intention to ask her about it.

Well, we are human so it’s normal to be a bit curious, but I didn’t intend to inquire more about that for now. But concerning that name I couldn’t really say that much about it, this was the undeniable truth.


“Well then, Ruri-chan. Shall we think about it together?” (Masamune)

“Eh?” (Ruri)

“I mean the meaning behind your name, Ruri-chan” (Masamune)


That’s right. All we have to do is to think about it if we do not know the answer.

A certain someone once told me this.


“If something is not there, all you have to do is to make it yourself”


Since we do not know the meaning behind her name, we just have to think of the meaning ourselves. If we still do not know even after all that, then, from here on, we will create the meaning of her name by ourselves.

If we do not move forward, Ruri-chan would always remain stuck in the past. (T.L I edited the sentence as a direct translation from Japanese doesn’t sound good)


“First and foremost, are you able to write your own name?” (Masamune)


Ruri-chan shook her head lightly.

That is to be expected. I was also unable to write her name at the very beginning.

To use such difficult characters, it would make children cry. It might even make some adult cry. (T.L Ruri =瑠璃. Even as a native Chinese, I have some difficulties writing such characters so I could understand him; ED: Had to zoom in to be able to write them, haha)


“Originally the word Ruri comes from the name of a gem called Lapis Lazuli” (Masamune)

“Lapis Lazuli…” (Ruri)

“Blue colour, ne. Even if I say that, it could also be connected to the name of an animal, or something completely unrelated to the colours. But as expected, when talking about ‘Ruri’, it is famous for its association with the colour blue, as it is used in many cases linking to its appearance.” (Masamune)

“Blue…” (Ruri)

“In Ruri-chan’s case however, based on the fact that your eyes are not blue, I believe that your name is not connected with your appearance.” (Masamune)


It seems that the name [Ruri] is not given to express the colour of her appearance. Both her eyes and hair are pitch black after all.

What is the meaning then?


“…As expected, giving you the name Ruri they certainly had a strong feeling of wanting you to grow up into a pretty girl?” (Masamune)


That was quite a simple train of thought, but that was the most fitting thing that came into my mind.

There is also a chance that her name came from some important memories, but I would not be able to know about that.

It’s not that I was trying to give up that fast, but I honestly could not think of any other reasons beside the one I mentioned.

As I looked at Ruri-chan, she showed a surprised expression.


“What’s wrong?” (Masamune)

“Will I grow up to be as pretty as a Ruri?” (Ruri) (T.L Ruri is using hiragana for the word [るり= Ruri] instead of kanji [瑠璃=Ruri] in this scenario, so I tried to differentiate by using Ruri when Ruri-chan is speaking of the gem but not using the Kanji)


This time I was the one who got surprised.

I did not expect such words coming from Ruri-chan.


“I will make sure that Ruri-chan will grow up to be a girl as pretty as a Lapis Lazuli.”(Masamune)

“Even as much as a Ruri?” (Ruri) (T.L The ‘Ruri’ that Ruri-chan is referring to is Lapis Lazuli)

“Of course. Such a cute girl like Ruri-chan will definitely grow up to become as splendid as a Lapis Lazuli” (Masamune)


Ruri-chan smiled like she was happy about that.

She seemed to be embarrassed. Kawaii.


“Is it alright for me to write this down?” (Ruri)

“Are you alright with this reason? We could spend more time to think over it, you know?” (Masamune)

“This is good desu.” (Ruri)

“If Ruri-chan says so then it’s alright.” (Masamune)

“Thank you very much.” (Ruri)


After saying that, Ruri-chan looked kind of happy.

…I see.

For Ruri-chan, it seemed that instead of understanding the meaning behind her name, she felt happier about what I told her. That was what I thought.

I felt that it would be better not to talk about unnecessary things right now after seeing Ruri-chan happily writing down what I told her on a notebook.

Looking at the current Ruri-chan, I felt super happy for some reason.


The next day, Ruri-chan presented this meaning of her name at school and got praised by Sakai-sensei.




Author Note:

Thank you for reading so far.

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It became a comedy?


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Translator Note:

Konko: I do not have the habit to translate author’s note. But since Kahzel is doing it, I shall continue for all the chapters I translate for [I bought a girl].


And Kya~~~!! Ruri-chan ❤


Editor’s Note (Kahzel):

Well I just wanted to share everything the author posted and sometimes there’s also something interesting written there, so I also translate the notes. They’re also kind of funny. I think as form of respect to the author I want to translate that part, too.

Big thanks to Konko for translating most of the chapter!

-pachi, pachi, pachi-

Ruri-chan was so cute this chapter. ^.^

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