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I’m finally back from Japan and here’s a new chapter of I bought a girl. It’s the missing chapter 16 that Chronon didn’t translate and covers how Takeda introduced Ruri-chan to his parents.

In addition to that I want to announce some important things:

Name changes (corrections?): there were several names that were translated wrong and I have now changed them back to the right romanization. Also I’ll be creating a Character Glossary soon as even I, the translator, can’t remember every person of the story and what their name and their relationship with the protagonist was.

  • First Name – Surname
  • Masamune Takeda -> Masachika Takeda (98% sure that 正親 = Masachika)
  • Kaori Nakamura -> Kae Nakamura (same as above 香恵 = Kae)
  • Rei Hisashi -> Leo Kanda (Ruri-chan even mentioned Leo’s name in hiragana, so no mistake there that he’s called 玲央  = Reo; for better reading experience I’ll translate it as Leo Kanda)


I saw that Chronon already translated this chapter, but didn’t link to it properly so it got lost on his page. Therefore I thought that he didn’t translate it. Well I think in my version many questions and unclarities were solved as in my opinion he didn’t really understand a lot of the sentences in that chapter.

Here’s the link if you want to compare our versions: https://chronontranslations.wordpress.com/i-bought-a-girl-chapter-16/

Translator: Kahzel

Editor: Kahzel

Read I bought a girl on ShinzouTL for the best reading experience and to support me as the translator!

Chapter 16: The method to go back to your parents’ house


I left the old geezer’s house and went directly to my parents’ home.

Telling my mother by phone that “I’ll come home today”, I heard her replying with a happy sounding “I’ll be waiting~”.

Even though I said my parents’ home, it wasn’t that far away. You had to drive with the Metro and then transfer to the JR line and from there it was just a 30 min ride.

It might be a long journey for Ruri-chan, but as tomorrow was a holiday, I decided to let her accompany me.


“I’m back.” (Takeda)

“Ara ara, welcome home…” (Unknown female)


When I entered the house my mother came to the entrance to greet us.

Then she saw Ruri-chan and had a curious look on her face.

Well, I already expected it to turn out like that.


“Ruri-chan. This is my mother. Greet her, ok?” (Takeda)

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hasegawa Ruri.” (Ruri-chan)

“Ara thank you, you’re really polite. I’m Masachika’s mother.” (Takeda’s mother)

[TN: Chronon and Konko translated Takeda’s first name as Masamune, but I’m like 98% sure that it’s not Masamune but Masachika, so I’ll keep using Masachika from now on.]


While saying so both of them bowed their heads to each other.


“And? Who’s this child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Let’s go inside and talk about it there.” (Takeda)


Today I came here to talk about Ruri-chan. I might have been nervous as the first time I had to stand on front of pupils when I was a teacher in practice.

I went back to my parents’ house after getting the ok from the old geezer, but in the end not talking about the lottery win with my mother was something I couldn’t do.

My father was sitting in the living room when we went inside. As it was Saturday that also wasn’t a strange thing.

Like my mother he was also staring at Ruri-chan curiously, Ruri-chan tilted her head slightly and the flustered me also bowed my head down; I displayed such a sight of confusion.

Ruri-chan and I sat on a L-shaped sofa while my parents sat next to each other on a different sofa in front of us.


“Masachika. Is this perhaps your child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“I’ll tell you that in advance, but I didn’t get married nor do I have an illegimate child, you know?” (Takeda)


I tried to stop her from beginning to have some delusions.


“You surprised me there~” (Takeda’s mother)

“Your father also felt like his heart would jump out of his stomach.” (Takeda’s father)


What’s with this situation?


“I have to talk about a lot of topics, but first would be… let me see, I‘ve won the lottery.” (Takeda)

“Hee~. How much? About 10 thousand Yen?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Ah- … about 500 million Yen.” (Takeda)


[TN: 10,000 Yen is about 78 EUR/USD; 500,000,000 Yen is about 4,441,972 EUR/USD currently]


“… 500 million?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Mom. 500 million, how much is that?” (Takeda)

“Of course 500 million would be 500 million.” (Takeda’s mother)

“It’s 500 million, right? Un.” (Takeda)


They seemed like they had completely stopped thinking.

I’ll tell them about Ruri-chan right now. Now is a great time to do it easily!


“And about this child, I bought her with the money.” (Takeda)

“You bought her?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Yes. I bought her.” (Takeda)

“You can buy a human?” (Takeda’s mother)

“There was a place where you could buy one. Grandpa told me about it.” (Takeda)

“My father told you?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Father-in-law told you about it?” (Takeda’s father)


Both of them asked at the same time.

They are really married couple, right?

At that time there was the sound of someone coming down the stairs and the living room door was opened.


“Are? You returned? Welcome back.” (Unknown male)

“An-chan. I’m back.” (Takeda)


[TN: An-chan means big bro, but nobody calls his brother big bro when they’re talking to them; at least nobody that I know of, so let’s keep An-chan]


This was my big bro.

Same as before Ruri-chan exchanged greetings with my brother and I also explained everything to my brother.


“You’ve won the lottery!? Give me something too!” (Takeda’s brother)

“I won’t desu. I absolutely won’t share it.” (Takeda)

“That child, did you buy her in from an orphanage or where did you buy her from?” (Takeda’s brother)

“Well… something like that.” (Takeda)

“Hmm. You can’t really know what’s out there in the world, right?” (Takeda’s brother)

“I think so, too.” (Takeda)


As expected from my bro. Totally different from my parents who turned completely stiff from shock.


“To be honest…” (Takeda)


While my bro was worrying about what to do with Ruri-chan and I was in the middle of my explanation my parents also recovered from being shocked stiff and listened closely to our conversation.


“That’s the whole story.” (Takeda)

“That’s not a simple matter.” (Takeda’s mother)


My mother who listened to my story put both her hands together and struck her fist against her other hand with a “Pan!”.


“Isn’t it fine to make her father’s illegimate child?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Okaa-san!?” (Takeda’s father)


[TN: Married couples with a child in Japan often call each other Mother or Father like in many Asian countries.]


Mom’s words startled dad. As expected of Grandpa’s daughter. Their train of thought is really similar.


“Grandpa also said the same thing. <Let’s make her my illegimate child, should we?>” (Takeda)

“Grandpa’s would be really unnatural, but if it’s our illegitimate child then it would be alright, wouldn’t it?” (Takeda’s mother)

“Alright you think? Wouldn’t it be impossible, don’t you think so?” (Takeda’s father)

“It’s not impossible, you know? Look. Even in that national-wide broadcasted family anime there’s a 24 years old daughter who has a brother who goes to the 5th grade in elementary school, you know? Isn’t that the same situation?” (Takeda’s mother)


That’s right. Now that she mentioned it there was a to a certain extent famous anime called:

Ore ni imouto ga itemo fushigidehanai.


[TN: Title translates to something like “Even if you call me imouto it’s definitely not strange”; might be a reference to Ore no imouto wa konna ni kawaii wake ga nai aka Oreimo, but if it is then it’s a really strange one, haha]


It’s not strange, but…


“But Ruri-chan and I have different surnames, you know? What do we do about that problem?” (Takeda)

“Like we already said, she would be our illegitimate child. That being the case it will be ok if the surnames are different, don’t you think so?” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Whose child do you think she will become…” (Takeda’s brother)


My older brother tsukommi’d. It’s really like that. Well not that I have a better suggestion.


“Then let’s just make her the child that I had with a different man.” (Takeda’s mother)

“… Dad has already stopped responding. No matter what you say it will be meaningless.” (Takeda)

“Look. Can’t you see, your father doesn’t say anything, so he agrees with it, you know?” (Takeda’s mother)


It’s probably not that he doesn’t want to say anything, but rather can’t say anything.

Dad’s eyes are looking at something far away. I’m sorry Dad.


“But are you ok with this Masachika?” (Takeda’s brother)

“What are you trying to tell me?” (Takeda)

“You already have the responsibility to raise this child. So isn’t it ok to make her your illegitimate child?” (Takeda’s brother)

“But the surnames are different.” (Takeda)

“You just made a woman pregnant, that woman gave birth to Ruri-chan at an unknown place and came back with an <This is your child desu> and that’s the reason you have to raise her, isn’t that background story fine?” (Takeda’s brother)

“… Ooh!” (Takeda)


I’m a little bit impressed.

If that’s the case then it won’t have a negative impact on anybody… no, perhaps I’ll be on the losing end, but I’ll just have to endure it and it will be fine. Perhaps it will be ok if we do it like that.

Even if I’m at the losing end that’s no problem at all.

Well if that story reaches the Board of Education then it will be a big problem, but it won’t get to that point, so it’s probably going to be alright.


“An-chan! As I’d expect from you, An-chan!” (Takeda)


“Yo-you’re ok with that story?” (Takeda’s brother)

“It’s perfect like this! Thanks, An-chan!” (Takeda)


Even if he said it totally randomly, I think that this story might work.


“And your mom already prepared herself mentally~” (Takeda’s mother)

“Wasn’t the one who prepared himself dad rather than you?” (Takeda)


Mom sounded pretty disappointed while dad who sat next to her felt relieved.

For the time being when someone would pursue this matter I’ll be able to deceive them with this story.

As expected of my bro, he has what a person has to have.

He’s someone I can rely on.


Authors Note:

Thanks for reading up until this point.

I’d be happy if you write down your impressions desu.

It seems like I can’t think of any excuses anymore.

And by the way “Hiromi = Mom” desu.


Look forward to the next chapter, too!


Translator’s Note:

The author is talking about having no excuses for his slow releases, I do have one though 😛

Well I slacked off the week after my Japan trip, but now I’m back with 100%, ok maybe just 98%, but nonetheless I’m back again!

So I finally managed to translate the missing chapter 16 of “I bought a girl”. This was a thing that bugged me since I began to read this story on Chronon’s page, so I feel very proud to bring you this chapter.

Next chapter will be the regular chapter 29.

Write down below your thoughts, comments and all other things that are on your mind. And don’t forget to add “I bought a girl” to your favorites on Novelupdates, rate and write a review there! Thanks a lot~!


Here’s the glossary: Character Glossary

Also in addition to the chapter I want to announce the contribution system. This is an additional way to help me with my translations without having to spend a single cent.

So the contribution system works like this:

  • You notice some errors or better phrases
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I do have an editor with Konko, but as we are both human there will still be some errors that might escape under our close watch. As we both aim to give you the best reading experience that might be possible, we would be really glad if you can contact us each time you spot something wrong.

Thanks a lot~!

And some shameless promotion, here’s the stuff that I brought back from Japan, I have much merchandise, but the biggest part would be card sleeves (especially from Re:Zero Rem), then key chains, figures, Final Fantasy cards and more stuff, check it out: Kahzel’s Merchandise Store


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    「…..500 million?」
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    It seems they’ve lost the ability to think properly.
    Since it’t like this, I should explain Ruri now!

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