I bought a girl Character Glossary

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Here’s the promised glossary that will be updated as we progress further in the story, it might contain spoilers so read it at your own risk.

Japanese Name Romanization (Surname – First name) Gender Relationship with MC/Role
武田正親 Takeda Masachika M protagonist
長谷川瑠璃ちゃん Hasegawa Ruri-chan F Adopted girl
Takeda’s School
天野恭子 Amano Kyouko F student/ friend/ loves Takeda
中村香恵 Nakamura Kae F student/ friend/
吉田 Yoshida M Student
田中 Tanaka M Student
秋山先生 Akiyama-sensei M Colleague teacher
高津先生 Takatsu-sensei F colleague teacher/ maybe loves Takeda?


伊藤先生 Itou-sensei M colleague teacher/

Nakamura’s homeroom teacher


Ruri-chan’s School
?? ヒロト Takahashi Hiroto M Ruri-chan’s friend
?? 玲央 Kanda Reo M Ruri-chan’s friend
酒井先生 Sakai-sensei M? Ruri-chan’s teacher
Takeda’s Family
?? 裕美 ?? Hiromi F Takeda’s mother
?? Too-san M Takeda’s father


?? An-chan M Takeda’s brother
?? Jii-chan M Takeda’s maternal grandpa
Other Characters
中尾宏太 Nakao Kota M Takeda’s friend


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6 thoughts on “I bought a girl Character Glossary

    1. I’ll try to get one out, but I have so much to do at the moment… :/
      Girlfriend, work, university, was on vacation and it’s Oktoberfest at the moment in Munich. 🙈
      But I’ll give my best! 😁


  1. How is the current progress of the translations for Kisei Kanojo Sana? It had been a few months since your last update. I hope that you would continue translating the series since it is really interesting and your translations for it had been really good so far.


    1. Hey Itsuki,
      I’m still working on Kisei Kanojo Sana, but as I have to spend some time with my girlfriend too in addition to working and university, the progress is a bit slow.
      I also gave I bought a girl away since I have no time, but hopefully I’ll be able to push out some new chapters during these days before new years eve. Sorry for the delays! :/


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